👋 , I'm Saikat!
I'm a programmer based out of
I like 🖥️ and 🎮
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A bit about me

I'm elated to have discovered SvelteJS last year and since then have dived headfirst into the SvelteJS , TypeScript and TailwindCSS ecosystems. Was tinkering with static site generation, ReactJS and GatsbyJS prior to that.

Have a decent amount of experience with NodeJS / ExpressJS . Have also gone through the docs on Apollo Server/GraphQL Nexus but haven't built any GraphQL servers yet. Understand the fundamentals though, so, shouldn't be difficult at all

Used Firebase (BaaS) for various projects to rapidly accelerate initial time to market. Am also quite competent with Google Cloud as a whole and used their products extensively. Huge proponent of the entire serverless movement. Google Cloud Run is a goto choice for all kinds of deployments.

For databases, primarily used PostgreSQL and Firestore . Also used MongoDB and found it quite intuitive but haven't built any products on it as MongoDB Atlas costs are quite prohibitive at scale. Not a huge SQL fan but have working knowledge. Mostly use Prisma 2 to interact with PostgreSQL. Have also tinkered with Dgraph and FaunaDB but found them lacking.

Also quite conversant with CI/CD workflows which include pushing to a Git repository and that triggering a list of steps such as:
  • running DB migrations
  • running test suite
  • deploying to corresponding environment
Used Google Cloud Build for this primarily. Aware of Github Actions

Decent experience with Figma to be able to quickly do some wireframes to put thought into form that can be collaborated/ideated on with a team.

Orthogonal Skills

Have worked as a product manager before, so I understand what it takes to build, manage, scale a product and the team behind it.

Worked closely with customer support and on occasion, taken customer chats/calls to speak directly to end users and get feedback on products

Managed engineering teams with direct reportees, able to manage expectations and build rapport

What I'm Learning

What I'm Working On

I'm currently building the Go Bazzinga app as a progressive web app (PWA). You can check out what it's about here and the app here